So, what do you get?

What is a Personal Server?

Your personal server runs free software including Ubuntu (GNU/Linux), Apache, MySQL and PHP. Servers come with 20GB storage and 4GB/day bandwidth.

By default your personal server includes:

  • domain name (or use your own)
  • DNS hosting for your domain
  • Your very own customizable and secure HTTPS website
  • An iptables firewall
  • Fail2ban intrusion detection software
  • A public WordPress blog
  • A public MediaWiki wiki
  • A private MediaWiki wiki (for your private notes)
  • A Postfix SMTP email server (configured to support encryption)
  • A Courier IMAP email server (also configured to support encryption)
  • Roundcube webmail software
  • A public Subversion repository (for files you're sharing)
  • A private Subversion repository (for managing your private files)

But there are additional options:

  • A Windows (SMB) file server (requires an SSH tunnel)
  • A community MediaWiki wiki (for providing access to your friends)
  • Mailman mailing list software (so you can run a newsletter or forum for your friends, or a family mailing list is always popular, your mother will love it!)
  • Public and/or community and/or private Plogger photo galleries (to share your photos)
  • Git version control repositories

Don't see what you're looking for?

We're a brand new service and we're growing rapidly. If there's something you'd like from a personal server that isn't on the list you can let us know and we'll investigate providing it for you. The only rule is that it's free software as that is what we're committed to!

Ready to buy?

Get your new personal server today or we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have!