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Create your Cloud Server

To create your cloud server Sign-up at Rackspace...

Create Rackspace account

After you enter your Account Information and Billing Information you will see the following confirmation screen:

Rackspace account created

You will receive a phone call from Rackspace to confirm your account. After that click 'Activate my account'. Then choose to 'Create Server':

Create Rackspace server

Pick a name for your server, e.g. "myserver"; and choose a region for your server (e.g. Sydney). For the server image select Linux / Ubuntu / 14.04 LTS (Trusty Thar) (PVHVM):

Specify server details

Select 'Performance 1' and get a '1 GB Performance' server:

Specify server details

Make a note of your root password. You will then see a Server Details screen similar to the following:

Server details

Make a note of your IPv4 IP address in the PublicNet setting and specify it below: