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Thanks for using our site!

Following is information about how we respect and protect your privacy on our website.

we care about your privacy!

HTTPS everywhere

Our website uses the secure version of the web provided by the HTTPS protocol. If you access our site using the insecure HTTP protocol you will automatically be redirected to the secure HTTPS protocol. This helps prevent hackers from snooping on the content of our communications.

When we link to third-party web content our preference is to provide HTTPS links, but that isn't always possible.

we try to use only the secure version of the web.

No hot-linking

Hot-linking is where one website uses an embedded resource provided by another website. When this happens the website that provides the resource gets notified of the location of the referring web page. Such a referring web page might include private material in the address so it's best to avoid this happening. To that end we don't hot-link any content from our website.

we don't hot-link content.

No third-party ad networks

We don't display ads from services such as Google AdWords. This helps us comply with our no hot-linking policy and protects the privacy of our users.

we don't run third-party ads.

No third-party site metrics

We don't outsource our web analytics by using services such as Google Analytics. Again this helps us to comply with our no hot-linking policy and protect the privacy of our users.

we don't outsource site-metrics.

All links from our website to third-party websites go via our exit-link service. This uses a technique called HTTP Meta-Refresh which helps protect your privacy by removing the HTTP REFERER (sic.) header from the request for the third-party web page. This means that any sensitive information you might have in a URL on our website (e.g. search terms or page parameters) does not get disclosed to the third-party. Further, as the HTTP REFERER (sic.) header is removed, the third-party site does not get told that you were referred from our website. This increases the privacy and confidentiality of your access to our website.

we hide URLs from our site from third-parties.

No remote content in HTML email

We do not embed remote content in HTML email that we may send to you. Remote content in email is usually there to track usage, but we wouldn't do something like that to you.

we don't use email to spy on you.


We use two cookies as detailed below. The purpose of cookies are to facilitate site login and to remember your preferences.

One of the cookies we use is called a Session Cookie. The purpose of this cookie is to remember your session between subsequent requests for web pages on our site. This facilitates logging in to our website. When you close your browser the session cookie is deleted and you will get a new session cookie the next time you access our site.

we use a session cookie so you can login to our site.

The other cookie we use is called the Browser Cookie. The purpose of this cookie is to help us remember that we've met you before. The Browser Cookie persists even after you close your browser (for five years), so if you want us to forget about you then you should delete your browser cookie.

we use a browser cookie so we can remember we've met you before.


We use email to talk to you about all sorts of things. We may include any of the information we have about you when we communicate with you via email. We try to use encrypted email delivery but it isn't always possible and can't be relied on. It is your responsibility to ensure your email account is sufficiently secure to your standards.

we assume email is sufficiently secure and may include your private information in email we send to you.

Data we collect

We collect a bunch of information that you provide each time you request a page from our site.

HTTP data

The HTTP data we collect is:

we collect data about every page you access on our site.

GeoIP data

We use your IP address to lookup the following geographic data associated with it. Our database isn't perfectly up-to-date so sometimes we will lookup your IP address in third-party online databases as detailed in a later section.

The data we associate with your IP address is:

we use GeoIP databases to figure out your geographical location based on your Internet address.

Anything you tell us

In addition to the above data collected as a part of providing web-based facilities we also collect any data that you tell us!

we collect anything you tell us!

Third-party disclosure

As a general rule we won't disclose any of your information to a third-party except as detailed below:

Disclosure to incoming owner

If we sell our business or assets your account might be transferred to a new owner. In this case the incoming owner will be given all the information we have about you. If you're not happy with this arrangement please don't use our services.

we will provide your information to an incoming owner if we sell our business or assets.

Disclosure via DNS whois lookups

We may use a DNS whois service to find out about the owner of domain names. If you tell us about a domain name that you own or use we might, but won't necessarily, research the owner by using a third-party database lookup.

we may disclose your domain name(s) to a DNS whois database.

Disclosure via GeoIP IP address lookup

We might submit your IP address to a third-party to learn about the geographic information associated with the address. As a general rule we don't do this, as we have access to our own GeoIP database, but sometimes we will seek better results provided by online services in which case we will be disclosing your IP address.

we may disclose your IP address to a third-party.

If we are required to by a court or legal authority we may disclose any information we have about you.

we will disclose your information to comply with the law.

Metadata collection by third-parties

Metadata is the data about a communication not including the content of the communication itself. For example metadata includes who was talking to who, when, how much, how long, etc.; but not specifically the content on the communication itself (i.e. what was said). We use encryption to protect the content of communications but we can't prevent collection of metadata. Your telco/ISP, government agencies, and hackers snooping on your wireless network can intercept metadata and there is nothing we can do to protect you from that.

we can't protect you from metadata acquisition.

Affiliate referrals

We are affiliated with a number of organizations whose products and services we recommend. When we refer you to our affiliates we use techniques to indicate that we sent you. In this way our affiliates can reward us for referring business to them. We are only affiliated with high-quality product/service providers which we are happy to recommend.

we tell our affiliates we sent you.


In conclusion: we care about your privacy! We go above and beyond the call of duty in protecting your privacy when you use our website. When you are using our website you are interacting only with us, and not with any third-parties who may be spying on you. Our policies ensure that there is minimal disclosure of your personal information to third-parties.

we care about your privacy!